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New Beginnings & Giveaway

September 24, 2019 Promise Lodge, Book 4 Spring blossoms with new life and new beginnings for the flourishing Amish community of Promise Lodge. And as a just-opened bakery sweetens the air with fresh-baked goodness, residents will find that change can be a most joyous test . . . Recently widowed after twenty years of marriage, Frances Lehman is only just tasting the freedom and opportunity that her Promise Lodge friends enjoy. So she’s not about to be pressured into marriage by her widowed brother-in-law, even if she and her daughter have no real means of support. Much more promising is her new friendship with Preacher Marlin Kurtz, though their respective families don’t see their relationship as proper . . . When Frances suffers a serious injury, she’s determined to prove she can recover—and remain independent—without burdening Marlin. Now, with his steadfast belief in real love tested, Marlin’s hope is that Promise Lodge’s irrepressible residents can help him restore Frances’s joy—a…
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When an English family's dark secrets collide with the Amish, sweet and innocent Emma Byler is caught in the middle of two worlds.

For sixteen years, Jacob Byler kept his daughter sheltered and protected in their Amish community. When a secret becaomes too much for thim to bear, it drives a wedge in their relationship and threatens to change Emma's life forever.

When an unexpected relationship with Daniel Miller comes to light, will he be able to remind Emma of her faith and ehlp her deal with the lies that surround her birth? Will the secret change her life forever, and will she be able to forgive as God instructs her to do.

My thoughts

This is a story of great faith, fear and truth and how all of these things will effect several in this lovely community of Willow Springs.

New book and new author for me. Secrets of Willow Springs Book 1 written by Tracy Fredrychowski was a nice surprise when I turned the pages and engaged in this wonderful story. I thought not only was this …

An Amish Christmas Kitchen

I love this time of year when Christmas books come out. If you don't already, but it's a good time to reflect on why we celebrate this season. When you have 3 authors that can bring you stories that will do just that and tug on your heart you know just how good God is for giving the gift of writing to Leslie Gould, Jan Drexler, and Kate Lloyd. So before you sit and open this book up, you must have a few things with you. Tissues, a cup of tea find your comfy spot and be prepared to be moved as you read each story.

An Amish Christmas Kitchen is Three Novellas that will bring the true meaning of the Holiday. You will be blessed with each story in this Novella. First, you will have Leslie Gould's An Amish Family Christmas story and meet Noelle, As Noelle prepares to take over the family business she will learn more about herself and other events that have been haunting her for a while. An amazing story of forgiveness and love. I know you will love it as much as I did.  Thank y…
About the Author 

The answer to all writing, to any career for that matter, is love. Ray Bradbury Fun Facts: 1. I started writing January 1, 2000. New year, new millennium, new career. 2. I’m a former special education teacher, specializing in teaching the blind and visually impaired.  I was born in New Orleans, LA, raised in Little Rock, AR, was an Ohio transplant for twenty-two years, and am now back in Arkansas empty nesting it with my husband, James. 4. James and I have three awesome kids. Yes, they really are awesome. 5. I love chocolate. ‘Nuff said.
The Farmers Bride is the 2nd next book in Kathleen Fuller's  Brides of Birch Creek series. I have just enjoyed being taken to Birch Creek and getting to know each and every one. In this latest book, it brings such joy and heartache, but all for reasons the lovely Martha Detweiler may not understand and neither does her friend Seth who has been teaching her a few things on woodworking.  If you want to be moved and find God's gra…

The Amish Widows Rescue and Giveaway

Book: The Amish Widow’s Rescue
Author: Rachel J Good
Genre: Amish Romance
Release Date: May 28, 2019

The perfect family awaits…if only he’ll risk his heart.

Pregnant and recently widowed, Grace Fisher is determined to provide for her family on her own. Thankfully, her jam business is popular in her Amish community. But it’s difficult keeping up with her work, her farm chores, and her two mischievous children. Especially now that they’ve taken to idolizing their neighbor Elijah. While the handsome farmer is kind and generous, he seems intent on holding Grace and her little ones at a distance… Elijah Beiler has always admired his neighbor Grace. So standing by while she struggles to support her family isn’t an option. Offering to take over her farm duties, Elijah is determined to help while remaining detached. He knows all too well that love only leads to heartbreak. Yet the more time he spends with Grace and her children, the harder he finds it to leave each day. But can Elijah overcom…
I finished reading An Amish Reunion by four amazing authors. Before I move forward and let you know my thoughts on this book I must warn you tears may fall, so make sure you have some tissues nearby.

First story in this book is written by Amy Clipston, Their True Home. What a wonderful story this was. It had so many moments when you held your breath and tears fell. The perfect story for this Novella. Thank you Amy Clipston for heart felt story.

The second story was written by Beth Wiesman called A Reunion of Hearts. This story takes place in Lancaster as well and will tug on your heart just a bit. Honestly, I haven't read much from Beth Wiesman and I am so thankful this book had her in it. Her story was just a beautiful as ever and made me a fan of her writing. I will be adding a few more of Beths books to my shelf. Thank you Beth for adding to the wonderful book.

In our next story A Chance to Remember by Kathleen Fuller and her story take place in Ohio. If you haven't been t…
I just finished The Amish Widows Rescue and was once again blown away by the the writing of Rachel Good. She continues to make her stories relatable to the reader.

In The Amish Widow Rescue we get to meet and love some wonderful characters like  Grace Fisher, Elijah, and Graces children who you will just absolutely love. It is when Grace becomes a widow and Elijah steps in as a neighbor to help her out with chores. However, Elijah is judgmental at first and questions the way Grace is raising her children, but in reality it was his own fears and past that was haunting him.

If your looking for a good story that will make you want to turn the pages just a bit faster then I highly recommend  this book. You will be taking a journey with each person in the book and find that love and forgiveness can bring much healing to the soul.

About the Author
Rachel J. Good grew up near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the setting for her Amish novels. A former teacher and librarian, she completed her MA …