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The Cherished Quilt

"You didn't mean to, but there's nothing you can do to fix this." He was seething. "Gabriel is gone now. He's dead, Christopher, and we can never bring him back." Tears stung Chris's eyes. Turning back toward the grave, he could almost feel his father's furious stare boring into him. His younger brother was gone, and as Dat said, there was nothing he could do to fix this.

When I sat down to write this review, the first decision I had to make was where to start given the many emotions that weave through this story.
Amy Clipston captured me with her wonderfully written "The Cherished Quilt". By giving this a read, you may understand just how heartwarming this story is as much by what is not said as what is. This a rare treat of a tale that can make you feel a tremendous mix of emotions that are all tied deeply to an important story.
I suggest grabbing your favorite blanket and a warm cup of tea then prepare for a story …

True Forgiveness


"I want to back, Alvin said. "We're not going back,"Titus said. But deja vu stabbed at his heart. He had definitely been here before. He hadn't gotten coffee. He needed coffee. He hadn't stopped, he hadn't changed anything. " I wouldn't mind going back, "Blaine Said. Titus glanced into the rearview mirror. Eli's head lolled against the seatback. He had fallen asleep while everyone else was chattering. "We're not going back, " Titus said. "Who left you in charge?" Alvin pouted. "I did. " Titus said the words even as he knew that he had said them once before. Nothing was changing. How could they get a second chance if nothing was different?

My Thoughts

"Titus Returns" is the 5th book in Amy Lillards Wells Landing series.  It will have your heart feeling  heavy in hopes that each character you meet gets a second chance.

When Titus returns home, he often wonders how all this is possible, and …


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