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Face of Heaven Book Review

The Face of Heaven One of life’s amazing ironies is how the smallest moments can bring about the biggest changes. Author Murray Pura takes us to just such a moment in 1861 that starts with a simple stroll to a barn. In The Face of Heaven, we meet young Lyndel Keimin of Lancaster, Pennsylvania who is living an Amish life on her family’s quiet farmland. As the nation descends into a great struggle for its purpose and soul, the nightmare of the Civil War and its causes seem so very distant to Lyndel. That is, until one quiet morning when she finds two frightened, hungry runaway slaves hiding in her barn. This forces a difficult decision onto Lyndel, helping the runaways or reporting them. Hiding the slaves was against the law, but turning them in to the local authorities would return them to the horror of slavery only after they received extreme punishment. Caught between the obeying the Law of God and obeying the Law of Man, Lyndel turns to her brother Levi and his friend Nathaniel for hel…