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New Book Review "Minding Molly"

As is too often the case, our worlds can change suddenly, without warning, and without mercy. The journey of our lives becomes foreign, the road untested, and best with complications we never could have imagined. Our will, our hearts, and our faith are all put to great duress all at once without any tolerance or patience for our adaption.

In “Minding Molly”, author Leslie Gould brings us the tale of a young girl faced with just such a trial, Molly Zook, whose father has just passed away. In his death, the security of the family farm becomes in doubt and as her mother’s health problems mount, Molly does her best to assume the responsibilities of the eldest child.

As the pressure mounts, options narrow when Molly’s ailing mother decides that her daughter’s marriage to a neighbor offers a path of rescue. As the cruel, crooked hands of Fate once again play their game, Molly is awash in overwhelming affections for a newly arrived young Amish man from Montana, Leon.

I enjoyed this book (th…