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Waiting on Gods Timing


''Mattie they've checked Amos into the hospital for observations, "he said in a low voice. She frowned. "And what exactly does that mean?" The nurse, a young blonde who wore loose burgundy pants and a matching shirt, gazed at her over the top of the high counter. Her badge said Melody. Mr. Troyer is still unconscious," she replied. "Dr. Townsend has ordered a series of tests to determine if she has brain or other internal injuries.

Are you ready to return to Promise Lodge?  Well, what are you waiting for, grab your blanket a cup of tea, maybe a few tissues because you may need them as we travel back to Promise Lodge.
When Amos and Mattie lost their spouses a few years back they wondered if they would find love again. They both remembered how they once use to be sweet on each other when they were younger and wonder now, if this could be a second chance for the both of them and if they could recapture the love they once shared. It didn't …

Far Away From Home

Won't you come travel with me to Mulberry, Indiana and meet Sadie, Barbara, Ellen and Mandy. Best of friends living Amish. These young ladies decide to embark on a journey of a life time, with a cruise to the Hawaiian Islands. The girls have been so excited about the trip that's all they could talk about. They have plans on what they would see and do, but two of them didn't expect to miss their ship that left them stranded on one of the islands.

When Ellen and Mandy missed their ship they found their way to a Bed and Breakfast on the island.  It is there they meet a lovely couple Makaio and Luna Palu who are the owners of the B&B and a young man named Ken, who seems to have captured Mandy's attention and makes Mandy forget about Gideon for the time. Plans change when Makaio has an unfortunate accident that leaves Luna left to run things by her self until her husband recovers.  Mandy and Ellen decide to stay on as long as necessary to help Luna run the B&B unti…