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Harvest of Blessings is the 5th book in the Season of the Heart Series.
When prodigal daughter Nora Glick Landwehr returns home to her small town of Willow Ridge,  she has the best intention to help her community, however with her flashy red car and her English ways, Nora knew acceptance and forgiveness that she was seeking was going to be difficult from the community, especially her father.
Harvest of Blessings is a wonderful Amish story of how we are all called to forgive, and Charlotte Hubbard has done an extraordinary job of showing us that it is with the grace of God we can forgive those who have hurt us.
This story has helped me understand the importance of forgiving others that have wronged me or a member of my family. My hope is that when you read this story you will be moved to forgive someone in your life.