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Farmers Market Mishap

The Farmers Market Mishap is a sequel to The Lopsided Christmas Cake. If you enjoyed meeting twin sisters Elma and Thelma then you  will love them even more in The Farmers Market Mishap.

Things have changed for these two sisters and for the first time these two are living apart. Thelma is happily married and excepting her first child. Elma couldn't be happier for her sister, but still longs for find someone herself to love and love her back. Elma continues to ask herself if she is destine to remain single? Find out more in this sweet story and see how God makes all things work together.

I have enjoyed reading this series written by Wanda and Jean. I hope there maybe one in the making. I think this book would make a wonderful gift for the book lover you know.

I was given ARC for my review.


Wanda Brunstetter is an award-winning romance novelist who has led millions of readers to lose their heart in the Amish life. She is the author of nearly 90 books with…

Weddings at Promise Lodge

Welcome back friends. Are you in for a treat! Its wedding season here at Promise Lodge won't you join me in the festivities? All of you favorites friends will be there and even some new ones you may or may not care for, but either case you will be touched by this book and those we have all come to love through Charlotte writings.
Weddings at Promise Lodge is Hubbard's 3rd book in her Promise Lodge series. She, once again will capture your heart in Weddings at Promise Lodge making you wish there was such a place to visit. 
 When an unexpected Leola Duff appears at Promise Lodge and claims that Bishop Monroe has just about ruined her life people start to talk and asking themselves if they jumped to decisions on making him Bishop of their community. Christine on the other hand continues to stand by the truth of what she knows and that is Bishop Monroe is a wonderful man and shouldn't be doubted by any other members. 
I am not going to give an spoilers away. This is a must re…