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I finished reading An Amish Reunion by four amazing authors. Before I move forward and let you know my thoughts on this book I must warn you tears may fall, so make sure you have some tissues nearby.

First story in this book is written by Amy Clipston, Their True Home. What a wonderful story this was. It had so many moments when you held your breath and tears fell. The perfect story for this Novella. Thank you Amy Clipston for heart felt story.

The second story was written by Beth Wiesman called A Reunion of Hearts. This story takes place in Lancaster as well and will tug on your heart just a bit. Honestly, I haven't read much from Beth Wiesman and I am so thankful this book had her in it. Her story was just a beautiful as ever and made me a fan of her writing. I will be adding a few more of Beths books to my shelf. Thank you Beth for adding to the wonderful book.

In our next story A Chance to Remember by Kathleen Fuller and her story take place in Ohio. If you haven't been to Ohio Amish Country you must go such a cute area. Ok, on to my thoughts. There was something special about this story that I just loved. Perhaps it was the characters and the way Fuller wrote them. Regardless of what it was, this just a lovely story filled with hope and encouragement and will bring many smiles to to you. Thank you Kathleen fuller for this lovely story.

The last story in this book is by Kelly Irvin called Mended Hearts. This story comes for the Jamesport Amish out of Missouri. Once again another heartfelt story about love and trust. You will touched as I was while read this story. Kelly thank you for such a wonderful story as well.

In closing , I would like to add the one thing about this and any other Novella.It give you the opportunity to read and be introduced to and author(s) you may not have read or heard of.

Make sure add this to book to your self  or buy as a gift. You can find each of these authors on Facebook to find out more about them.

I was under no obligation to write a review on this book. My views and thoughts are my own.


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