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An Amish Christmas Kitchen

I love this time of year when Christmas books come out. If you don't already, but it's a good time to reflect on why we celebrate this season. When you have 3 authors that can bring you stories that will do just that and tug on your heart you know just how good God is for giving the gift of writing to Leslie Gould, Jan Drexler, and Kate Lloyd. So before you sit and open this book up, you must have a few things with you. Tissues, a cup of tea find your comfy spot and be prepared to be moved as you read each story.

An Amish Christmas Kitchen is Three Novellas that will bring the true meaning of the Holiday. You will be blessed with each story in this Novella. First, you will have Leslie Gould's An Amish Family Christmas story and meet Noelle, As Noelle prepares to take over the family business she will learn more about herself and other events that have been haunting her for a while. An amazing story of forgiveness and love. I know you will love it as much as I did.  Thank you, Leslie, for a touching story.

Next, we have An Amish Christmas Recipe Box by Jan Drexler and here you will meet Ada Weaver who is concerned that she will never find the right person that will love her and just want to be with her. Ada is taken by the newest Amos who is just downright rude and Ada doesn't see the perfect man right in front of her. Many times we often don't see the things right in front of us until we are hurt. A great story of listening to what God has planned for us. Thank you, Jan for a wonderful story and recipe.

This last story in this Novella is written by Kate Lloyd Unexpected Christmas Gift. Here is where you may have to grab a few more tissues for this story.

 Have you ever had a feeling that feeling down deep inside thinking to yourself, I don't belong, I'm different? Well, Maria has felt that way for a while. She learns through a DNA test that she had been adopted. She sets out and hopes to find something familiar in Lancaster, PA. when the test relieves there is a match. but when things don't seem to turn out the way she thought Kate puts a twist and big surprise that will leave you gasping.
A wonderful story of showing love, grace, and understanding to those who don't understand the true love of God.


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